About Vivid Life Group

In life, we ourselves and people we know have come to points of being stuck, both financially and in mindset – We have been there and now our mission is to empower people to fulfilment by producing momentum and connecting them with the purpose to their journey through life.

Simply put, our big idea is to help people do life well.

About Vivid Life Group Coaching

“We’ve all experienced the feeling of being ‘stuck’ at some point in life. I get it. I was in that place myself for many years. Having battled through the challenge, I emerged with a gift. I understood what it takes to create financial freedom. Now I’ve bottled it into the Money Action Program. My 25 years of experience in building business and 10 years of being a Financial Advisor, has positioned me to really help people get unstuck financially. And I love it.”

Malcolm Flowers – Co-founder and Business Cashflow Coach.

“To live a vivid life is to have people around you that inspire you to greater goals, keep you accountable to your actions, and empower you to fulfil your potential. Most people don’t have these kind of connections in their life. Since 2018 I have sought to build a coaching system that helps people see clearly, take action and achieve financial freedom. My 10 years of experience in counselling, facilitation, personal coaching, and implementing financial systems and structures has combined to create these transformative programs that I’m so excited to see utilised. It’s an awesome feeling seeing people take action towards their goals, and I love doing what I do.”

Mark Drager – Co-founder and Personal Money Coach

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