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Money Action Program

Take control of your life by taking control of your money.

  • Get accountability through monthly coaching calls
  • Tailored budgets and customised goal setting
  • See all of your finances in one place with your Wealth Portal
  • 4 Interactive Online Modules with ebooks
  • Minimise financial stress
  • Planning tools and workbooks
  • Manage your finances from any place, any time, on your terms.
  • Weekly money mindset tips
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We are a community of diverse  coaches, empowering
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“We got determined to get rid of our debts quickly. The car was paid out within months and we even began to make the business run better so we could create our debt-free dream quicker. Still on the journey.”

Family Business Owners,

“We have recently started the process of getting control back in our world. We noticed this program made us take a lot of immediate action as it got us in touch with the pain of reality and the rewards of discipline with our headspace.”

Working Family,

“I had found myself getting nowhere with my money. I had debts of about $10,000 in total. I am only on about $60k a year and had a kid to look after too. Smash My Debt got me so focused that I found opportunities to pay my debt down in unexpected ways and became debt free in 7 months. If you have debts and lots of bills and commitments to manage, I recommend to do Smash My Debt to smash your debt!”

Single Dad Truck Driver,

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